Somalia Government on the spot over news- censorship, violence against journalists

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The Somalia government has been put on the spotlight by media practitioners in the country over what they called a government censure of information.

The journalist said that instead of allowing them to cover functions and independently verify information from the government, the government PR machinery had opted to supply them with edited audio and video clips  and press releases, leaving no room to interrogate and authenticate government positions.

But Dahir Mohamud Gelleh ,  Minister of Information said that he was willing to meet the journalists to iron out some of the issues raised.

On Monday Several journalist were called to the presidential palace where they were kept waiting for several hours for a press conference then asked to leave.

There have also been concerns over brutality aimed at memebers of the press  by government security agencies.

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On Monday, two journalists Saeed Qarafa and Abdullahi Dahir were assaulted by police as they gathered news in Mogadishu.

The two, working for Kulmye radio were stopped in Mogadishu’s Zone area and made to lye on their stomachs for several hours by police officers who dii not inform them of any reason for their detention.

Human Rights for Journalists  (HRJ)  fingered  the government for stifling the freedoms of expressing and journalists’ rights.

Somalia has ben on the spotlight globally for being one of the most dangerous places to work in  the world for journalists.

Source: radiodalsan

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