Al-Shabab claims responsibility for MP Boqore’s assassination

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Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for assasination on Saturday of Somalia veteran politician Osman Ilmi Boqore.

A statement released by Radio Andalus, the terror group’s official mouthpiece, said “Members of our Mujahidiin shot and killed the longest-serving member of the parliament of the apostate government.” Al-Shabab is allied with al-Qaida.

In 2005, the group claimed responsibility for killing the late lawmaker’s son, Khadar Osman, in Mogadishu.

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Al-Shabab militants armed with pistols shot the lawmaker, as he was visiting his new house that is under construction in the Karan neighborhood north of Mogadishu

Boqorre was the oldest member of the current Somali Parliament. He was a lieutenant colonel in the army and became the deputy speaker of the Parliament of the then Somali Transitional Government (TFG) in 2007, but he resigned for health-related reasons in 2010.

Source: radiodalsan

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